I am a Minnesota attorney and a member in good standing of the United States Supreme Court bar and the U.S. Tax Court bar. In 2015 the Minnesota Supreme Court suspended by state law license because a federal judge complained about state law quiet title actions I was bringing against 2008 Bailout Banks. I knew then and know now that the Bailout Banks were conducting fraudulent foreclosures. I know this because I am the only lawyer in United States history to have voided two recorded securitized mortgages. I did this in First National Bank of Elk River v. Independent Mortgage Services. I did this by compelling an alleged, of-record securitized mortgage owner to come into court and attempt to prove that it owned and/or was entitled to enforce the promissory note which the mortgage secured. It failed and I won. In 2011, consistent with longstanding mortgage law everywhere, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. (MERS) amended its Rule 8 to require that all securitized mortgage foreclosures be conducted by or on the express behalf of the “note owner.” The federal courts and the Minnesota Supreme Court ignored these facts in the disciplinary proceedings.

In 2019, the Minnesota licensing board initiated another action to suspend my already-suspended license. This time their reason was my public position on the income tax. A criminal action based on my online analysis was commenced after a State Department of Revenue reported the wrongthink. My detailed analysis of how and why the federal income tax has metastasized far beyond its lawful scope is contained in the Set My People Free post and The Affidavit page on this site. The two oral arguments of my defense of my license before the Minnesota Supreme Court are linked in the Set My People Free post.

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